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About Rishi Ajaydas

Rishi Ajay Das is profound spiritual guru in India. He believes to create a better world where everybody has prosperity and happiness. Rishi Ajay Das, a spiritual leader was born on 14 September 1975 at Amravati district in Mumbai Maharashtra. He was born in a religious family so found spirituality as a heritage. He finished his graduation in Zoology and started research. He had deeper interest in religions and spirituality, thus he started exploring various religions and learning their powerful principles.

After achieving the deeper understanding of religions and spirituality, he started spiritual and religious classes to spread his wisdom to the world. He also started spiritual TV show called – Z-Jagran. He also arranged a Maha Sammelan for all the spiritual teachers also arranged Kinnar Sammelan in ujjain. He is also a nature lover. He captured many beautiful photos of nature. He has gathered five thousand monks to generate awareness regarding Awatchta Abhiyan. He wrote many books on social and religious issues. To contribute for national development he also did contribution under the banner of Vipakshya Sansthan.