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About Us


Vipaksha bahu –udeshya seva samiti is an independent organization which is registered under the Madhya Pradesh registration act 1973 (no 44). Its registration no. is 1287/92 on 16 December 1992. The objective of the institution is to obey the principles of partnership and also play an effective role in communalistic development.

In the process of adapting to the responsibilities, the important aspects involved in our policies and which will be our priority are implementation and having research at a communal level. While working on research, the vipaksha bahu-udeshya seva samiti has initiated national education mission, education department, human resources development department, Indian department, NIPCCD,NCERT,SCIRT, family planning association of India and CPRS and similar to such organization. With the same context ,the institution is also exceed in the field of education, health, women empowerment, AIDS, HIV, sexually transmitted diseases, narcotic medicines, family planning, health during reproduction, panchayti raj, rights to environmental information and human population.

On the other hand, the organization has giving its full efforts to aware media towards rights of children, to make the society aware of AIDS, free health care center, directional program, and also the institution played an important role in women leadership program. When society is in need, the vipaksha bahu-udeshya seva samiti giving their full support without taking donation from any financial body and also in ready to do work for mass awareness as well as it administrate and making research in above subjects like yoga, culture and historical heritage etc.