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Adhyatm Vatika

Spiritual vatika

Spiritual vatika is a place where you realize the spirituality most. Spirituality is very powerful aspect of humanity. Spiritual Vatika in Ujjain gives you an environment where you can realize the most inner peace and inner prosperity. When people come and visit spiritual vatika, they feel spiritual growth.

Spiritual vatika helps you to connect to the universe and you witness the real relationship between you and the entire universe. You feel that how the entire universe is associated with its each part and how you can witness the beauty of this wonderful relationship. Spiritual Vatika is created by keeping the thought of spiritual development in mind. At spiritual vatika you realize the importance of your life and its association with other creatures. It makes you feel special and wonderful. It works like magic – a magic of spirituality.

This vatika has something unique like, a laboratory and a tortoise shaped den. The place has yagya ponds which represent the cycle of the whole universe. And therefore it is the best places to visit in Ujjain city.

The secret tortoise and energy cycle.

Devotion depends upon the human cycle and energy cycle of being. To understand the scientific procedure, it is important to know the system of energy cycle. It is also important to understand what is this energy, where it is? For this, it is important to understand the composition and accuracy of science. This gives the better prospective to look at the spiritual growth of human.

In the vedic teachings, there is a description of the secret tortoise. In shakht tantra, it is called as vastupurush which is explained by positive (+) and negative (-) that is (struggle between lord shiva and the demon).The tortoise and vastupurush are one and the same. This system is one and the same in all particle, hills, trees, creatures, planet, solar system, milky ways, hedge and space. In the yoga Indian tantrshahtra, at first there is the description about tortoise. One who doesn't know about this tortoise, certainly not know anything about this tantra.

In this prayer, majorly important, earth, space or the position of tortoise is taken care of. Anushthan shaktatantra depends on this vastuprush or tortoise. But, then the question arises that what is this tortoise?

This element is the sign of nobility. This nobility is due to the energy cycle inside it. Tortoise has some energy centres. These energies are made with the combination of positive and negative forces, which is a strong source. These energies emit some rays which grow in space. In living beings this energy is comparatively more than the non-living things. It looks like a rainbow and is influential. A spiritual leader knows the secret of it.

The head of the tortoise is sunken from inside and also has strength there. In other words, the structure is active from the head. In the same energy structure is the existence of energy cycle. If this tortoise becomes straight, then the existence of elements will disperse.


Den which is tortoise shaped, has lords kalika's beautiful statue inside it. The left arm of the lords is on the chest of lord shiva. Normally, everyone has seen this form of lords in picture or temples, in which lordess wears mund mala on her neck and on her left hand carries a wond and her face is furious, taking out her red tongue out with anger, whereas in the other picture her face looks pacified and kind, her hand does not carry any violence and also her tongue is not out, her right hand shows showering money and on the upper hand she carries flowers of love. Therefore, this statue of lordess is unique and different from the usual statues of Maa mahakali.

If you are looking for some places to visit in Ujjain city, come here and see the miracle of the statue of lordess Mahakali.