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Vipaksha Bahu-Udeshya Seva Samiti

About Vipaksha

Vipaksha bahu–udeshya seva samiti, a spiritual center in Ujjain is an self-governing organization which is recorded under the Madhya Pradesh registration act 1973 (no 44). Its recordkeeping no. is 1287/92 on 16 December 1992. The motive of the foundation, adhyatmik ashram vatika in Ujjain, is to obey the philosophies of partnership and also play an operative role in communalistic expansion.

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Objective Of Vipaksha

Our intent is to educate the society & show them the way of spiritual connectivity, spiritual growth and development to one god deprived of discriminating them into religious conviction, background & belief. We are extremely dedicated to our aim for this spiritual connected society.

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Rishi Ajaydas ( Biography )

Writer, spiritual leader, spiritual master, spiritual guru Rishi Ajay Das was born on 14 September 1975 in Amravati district, Mumbai. Being in born and brought in a religious clan, introduced curiosity to know the religion.

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Rishi Ajaydas Video Gallery

Collection of rare Maharaj Ji videos enlightning us on different occasions

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