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Vipaksha Bahu-Udeshya Seva Samiti

Rishi Ajay Das Gallery

Rishi Ajay Das is a profound Indian spiritual guru and writer. He wrote some revolutionary book like, vivah ek naitik balatkar and tratiy prakriti kinnar. Rishi Ajay Das is one of the important spiritual leaders who help society for betterment. To view pictures please click below.

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Vipaksha is an ashram in Ujjain which provides help and support to various social and health campaign. Our vision is clear and effective for the betterment of the society and nation. Have a look at our efforts. Click the button to view pictures.

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Ashram Gallery

There are some wonderful pictures of the Ashram. Ashram makes you feel peaceful and connect to The God. To view the pictures of our ashram in Ujjain click the button below.

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